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Not long ago, customers and prospects had to find a computer to visit your website. But today they're online 24/7 via mobile devices. Serving your customers is now a continuous interaction, and this phenomenon will only grow in the coming years as customers and prospects demand reliable and up-to-date Web services from anywhere at any time. For your organization, this translates into constant pressure to quickly and frequently add features and updates to your application services. The environment also makes the quality of your online services more important than ever as issues become visible instantly. Applications to support your business need to be deployed not only at a much faster rate, but also with more predictability. For many organizations, a new approach to delivering software isn't simply about development and deployment practices - it's critical to busin... (more)

Leveraging Your Private PaaS for Feature Delivery

The growth of cloud services for business has been a hot topic for years now, but 2012 was the year when the cloud went from market hype to mainstream deployment. Most organizations have now adopted a private cloud of some kind, but caution is preventing them from taking full advantage. Exploring the potential benefits of new tools is vital if IT departments hope to see real performance gains. Recent Gartner research highlights the importance of digital technologies for CIOs in the coming year. Gartner's Mark McDonald described the problem succinctly, "IT needs new tools if it h... (more)

How Continuous Delivery Is Like Pizza | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

Our expectations for buying all sorts of consumer goods has gone through a radical transformation we now take for granted. Why should we not expect this same level of service from IT businesses? We accept the status quo for how software delivery exists today but would reject it without hesitation if it were applied to pretty much any other online consumer experience. Take pizza delivery as an example. Fifteen years ago ordering a pizza meant trying to choose an item from a grease-stained menu somebody shoved under your door. You'd make a phone call and end up speaking to somebody ... (more)

Use Continuous Delivery to Get Apps Out the Door

Many businesses are closely scrutinizing the concept of Continuous Delivery and, in most cases, competitive pressure is the driver. CD allows you to deploy applications without having to write endless scripts, provisioning test environments on-demand, and creating delivery pipelines so anybody can see the current status of enhancements-just to name a few. In truth, Continuous Delivery is a response to the challenge of software taking ages to deliver and then not being what the customer wanted in the first place, leading to cost overruns, low ratings and unhappy users. If your co... (more)

Evolve or Die: Agile & Continuous Delivery By @XebiaLabs | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps]

Evolve or Die: What Agile and Continuous Delivery Mean for Change Management Change Management was designed to cater for "big bang" software changes with enormous risk, as a means of preventing disaster by exhaustive review. Modern software development has moved on. Continuous Delivery and Agile aren't just speeding up software delivery, they're also improving the quality of software. The speed of Continuous Delivery (CD) makes it fundamentally incompatible with traditional Change Management (CM). This town ain't big enough for the both of them. How does CM benefit you? When you s... (more)